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From school drop-out to acclaimed adventure athlete, Los Angeles County Paramedic, Ph.D., award-winning professor, and entrepreneur, Frank Niles knows what it takes to overcome adversity and achieve a dream.

An inspiring college speaker, Frank uses insights from his experiences to help students and athletes create positive change in their lives and reach their full potential  - in the classroom, on the field, and in life. Students leave his programs feeling more energized and confident that they can achieve their very best and make a difference. Long after hearing Frank speak, students report a dramatic increase in motivation, effectiveness and well-being.
Frank's keynotes are ideal for:

Student leadership conferences
      Greek events
      Freshman/new student orientation
      Athletics meetings & conferences
      Faculty retreats & professional
      development events

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Frank Niles climbing "Crockostimpy" (5.13)
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"Passionate...compelling...powerful. Frank's message might just change your life."
- Callie Rennison, University of Colorado

FRANK'S KEYNOTES: Select One That BEST Meets What Your Students Need
Courageous Leadership
Fear is the #1 barrier that keeps students from going to the next level. The antitode is courage. In this powerful talk, Frank shows students how to draw inspiration from life's challenges and build the resiliency needed to become world-changing leaders.

Ideal for leadership conferences, Greek events, athletic meetings, and student government events.

Get Psyched! How to Inspire Greatness in Yourself and Others
All leaders, listen up! No more sleep-walking. Be inspired by Frank's message while learning 7 valuable strategies to create and sustain motivation in yourself and the people you lead.

Designed for leadership conferences, Greek events, student government events, and athletic meetings.

Harness the Power of Integrity and Win

It's all over the
front pages: integrity matters - in athletics, business and government. In this powerfully emotional keynote, Frank explains why character counts. Learn how to develop and use the power of integrity to improve performance in life and on the field. This is a "must-hear" keynote for student-athletes, coaches, and athletic directors.

Designed for athletic meetings and conferences, yet is ideal for any student leadership event.

How to Succeed In College Without Losing Your Mind
Students want to succeed in college but often don't know how. Drawing upon his personal story, from school dropout to award winning college professor, Frank discusses 7 strategies that students can use immediately to boost their performance and avoid becoming a college casualty.

Ideal for first year orientation events and drug and mental health awareness activities.
Photo credit: © Hohn Wilder
Where Frank's been speaking...
... and when he's not speaking, this is what Frank does...
* According to feeback surveys, 100% of attendees and planners report being "satisfied" or "extremely satified" with
  Frank Niles' performance. **Testamonials attest to long term impact. Read here.

Life on the Leading Edge: Lessons from an Adventurous Life
Using lessons from rock climbing and his years as a paramedic, Frank shows students how to unleash their full potential and create a high impact life. Practical, funny, and captivating, this talk sparks immediate personal transformation. According to one recent attendee, the information "may just change your life."

Ideal for any keynote session where motivation and practical advice is needed.

Go Get It! It's Yours!
This is one of Frank's signature talks. In it, Frank teaches his 4-step method for turning dreams into reality. Research

driven, Frank's approach accelerates goal achiement and helps students succeed in school, work, and life. This is information every student needs to know.

Designed for leadership conferences, Greek events, and student success seminars.
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Visualization should not be confused with the "think it and you will be it" advice peddled by popular
self-help gurus. It is not a gimmick, nor does it involve dreaming or hoping for a better future. Read more
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